About your Visit

To make an appointment
Please call ahead for an appointment. You can reach us during our open hours. By appointment only.

When you call us-

Keep a calender close by.
Be prepared to answer some of the following questions:
-Your first and last name, and your pets name?
-Some information about you pet: Cat/Dog, what breed, color, date of birth or approximate age, spayed/neutered.
-Why your pet needs to be seen. For example: vaccines, heartworm test, nailtrim, ear infection, sick...

-Vaccine/Heartworm test visit: if you are bringing us a new patient, please remember to bring a record of your pet's previous vaccines and medical history. This will help us to understand what your pet needs in a more efficient manner.
- Your pet is sick:
--What are the symptoms? For how long?
--Any vomiting or diarrhea?
--Any coughing or sneezing?
--Is your pet on any medications we need to know about?
Sometimes, if we believe your pet might be contagious to other animals, we might ask you to leave your pet in the car while you check in with our receptionists. This is to minimize the risk of exposure to other animals visiting our hospital. We appreciate your help.

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